About me (& contact)

I currently live in Lichfield, Staffordshire, after spending 28 years in Japan, where I worked as a technical writer, journalist, and author.

Japan was a fantastic opportunity to learn another culture, both traditional and modern, and to experience things that I would never have had a chance to experience if I had stayed in the UK.

But homesickness called, and so did family responsibilities. My father had died, and my only sibling, my sister, had sole responsibility for taking care of my mother. So my wife Yoshiko and I made our way back to the UK, after battling the insanely cruel UK immigration system. You do know, don’t you, that the spouse and children of a British citizen have no automatic right of residence and may be deported after a few years if certain conditions are not met?

Anyway, here I am, not ready for full retirement, but not wanting to work full-time. I occupy myself with learning something about forensics (mainly digital and psychological) and learning more about the place where I live as well as writing for myself and others, and doing editing and layout work as well as a little J<>E translation.

My books used to be published by Inknbeans Press of California, a publishing house which is now sadly defunct, following the death of the founder, Jo Lowe at the end of 2017. I now publish my own books, and those of a few others, under my own imprint, j-views Publishing. More details here.

If you want to know more about me or ask any questions, please use the form below.