It is possible to buy ebooks from here (and also any audio recordings that I may offer for sale).
The way this works is:

  • There are links on most book descriptions allowing you to select an ebook for download. MOBI is the format for Kindle devices and applications, EPUB for (almost) anything else.
  • There is a shopping cart system allowing you to browse and add books to the cart.
  • You can also order books as a gift.
  • You pay by credit card, or by PayPal.
  • Upon payment, if the book is not a gift, you will be taken to a screen from which you can download the file.
  • You (or the gift recipient) will also receive an email message with a unique download link.
  • You have three tries to download the file. After that, the link is invalid.
  • Once you have the file:
    • If you have a MOBI (Kindle) file, follow these instructions. If you use a Kindle reader on your computer, double-clicking should open the book for you. Here’s another link which may help.
    • If you have an EPUB file, you should be able to sideload the book into your Nook, Kobo or whatever by dragging and dropping into the “disk” created by the device. Double-clicking on a computer will probably open it in a desktop application.
  • If you have problems,contact me, and I’ll try to sort them out.