On the Other Side of the Sky

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On the Other Side of the Sky is a novel featuring historical and fictional characters. Set in the late eighteenth century, it features alchemy, Kabbala, and Rosicrucian beliefs.

I have finished your book, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. In fact I couldn’t put it down! It was very interesting. I love the idea of other beings from other worlds, and this works so well against the reality of your historical characters.

“Steph”, Advance reader

Packed with unforgettable characters, thrilling twists and intoxicating imagery, this is a book I can highly recommend!

“Johanne”, Amazon

Absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Total page turner from start to finish.

Jayne”, Amazon

Highly recommend On the Other Side of the Sky even if it’s not your usual genre. Clever, interesting, thought-provoking, and memorable.

Kate Bourne, Reedsy Discovery

The Other Side of the Sky was riveting from beginning to end, with many assets to its credit, my favorite of these being the complex yet relatable character of Jane, our heroine. She is truly a marvel. We watch her go from infant to young woman and all the changes that come with it. Jane is stone-cold awesome, but human enough that we can relate to her and not so stone-cold that she is without emotions, doubts, and grief.

Meaghan Wood, Reedsy Discovery

Click on one of the images below to learn more about aspects of the book. I will be adding to this, so please keep coming back for more.

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