Ye Signe of Ye Daffodil

A selection of ebooks for Kindle and other devices recreating the world and the characters of the beloved Mapp and Lucia series created by E.F.Benson (how Lucia would have hated the idea of an ebook!). All characters and settings are written in sincere tribute to these masterly works which have encapsulated a peculiarly English slice of life and social snobbery so well.

As we all know, the bookshop in Riseholme was known as Ye Signe of Ye Daffodil, and it sold and printed only the finest works, such as Pepino’s prose poems.

While I cannot attempt to match Pepino’s standard of literary excellence, I am encouraged to hope that my accounts of life in Tilling and in Riseholme will be acceptable to you.

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Mapp at Fifty

Elizabeth Mapp-Flint of Tilling is approaching her fiftieth birthday, and plans a party to celebrate the event. However, as so often happens in Tilling, things don’t go entirely according to plan, as Major Benjy, her husband, over-refreshes himself at the party, and presents her with an entirely unwelcome birthday gift.

At the party, Emmeline (“Lucia”) Pillson and her husband Georgie, together with the rest of Tilling, look on as Elizabeth’s sister, the existence of whom had been hitherto unsuspected, visits Tilling and exposes a few family secrets.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Mapp’s Return

Since the disaster that was her fiftieth birthday party, Elizabeth Mapp-Flint has been avoiding Tilling society. But just as she decides to re-enter the round of bridge parties and dainty teas, an unexpected visitor to Mallards throws her plans for a triumphant return as the social leader of Tilling into confusion.
Lucia and Georgie, Diva, the Padre and Evie, the Wyses, and quaint Irene (and of course, Major Benjy and Mapp herself) all come alive again in this tale of genteel snobbery and social climbing.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

La Lucia

Mrs Emmeline Lucas, known to all as “la Lucia”, is the undisputed social and cultural leader of the quiet, but refined country village of Riseholme. Together with her husband, and her devoted courtier Georgie Pillson, she leads her subjects in hunts for Roman remains and fossils.

Meanwhile two very different visitors arrive in the village, and the balance of Riseholme power is temporarily upset.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

A Tilling New Year

Elizabeth Mapp-Flint seeks to regain her status as the leader of Tilling society by holding a New Year’s Eve party to which Lucia brings two unexpected and not entirely welcome guests, causing embarrassment, if not chaos. Elizabeth redoubles her social offensive by introducing an alternative to Tilling’s traditional games of bridge, brought back from India many years before by her husband, Major Benjy.

Such a state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, as Lucia offers a different form of entertainment, and battle between these two formidable hostesses commences.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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