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Sherlock Ferret, the world’s cutest detective

The Sherlock Ferret books provide a wonderful introduction to the science of detection for children between 7 and 10 to read for themselves, or for parents to read to younger children.

Told by Watson Mouse, who shares rooms with Sherlock Ferret under Mrs Hudson’s Bakery, the adventures combine a real mystery with wordplay, humour, and some heroic action against such nefarious foes as Moriarty Magpie, Pablo Pigasso, and others. The two crimebusters are helped in their fight by Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (though not a very big one), Doctor Solomon Sloth, Horace Hedgehog, and others.

The books are set in a large highly legible typeface for young eyes, and beautifully illustrated by Andy Boerger, whose art and illustration skills have been internationally recognised.

There are four books in the series, and one omnibus hardcover edition, with a bonus adventure (click on a book cover to see the Amazon page), as well as an audiobook:

Sherlock Ferret and the Missing Necklace Top

Sherlock Ferret and the Missing Necklace Miss Leticia Rabbit leaves her gold necklace on the grass outside her house one evening. When she gets up in the morning, it is gone! To help her get it back, she asks Sherlock Ferret, who lives with his well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse M.D. (a Doctor of Mousology) in rooms under Mrs. Hudson’s baker’s shop. Sherlock and Watson, and their friend Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (even though he is not a very big one) set out to find the necklace for her, meeting several interesting and nefarious characters, such as Moriarty Magpie, and the frightening Colonel Sebastian Moorhen as they do so.

“My aunt gave me this book to read because I like animals. There are lots of animals in this book. All the people in the book are animals like ferrets and birds and rabbits and a rhinoceros. It is a mystery about a necklace that gets stolen and Sherlock the Ferret and his mouse friend Watson find it. They live under a bakery and drink tea and eat crumbs and have lots of big books. And the rhinoceros is small because they say it over and over. I really liked the pictures especially the one of the ferret growling. And they all wear hats. 10 stars (out of 5).”

Thomas, age 10 (USA)

Sherlock Ferret and the Multiplying Masterpieces Top

Sherlock Ferret and his well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse M.D. visit the Museum, where they look at many paintings, including the famous Ferret Before a Mirror, by Pablo Pigasso. Sherlock discovers that, though it is meant to be an old picture, the painting in the Museum is new! What is the secret of this, and the other paintings by Pigasso? Sherlock and Watson investigate, together with their rhinoceros friend (although he is not very big) Lestrade. They talk to Moriarty Magpie and other nefarious characters, and Watson spends a very uncomfortable time in Pigasso’s house before the answer is discovered.

“I like the ferret books. This is the second one I have read. I think Sherlock is sometimes very silly. Moriarty is very naughty and ­Pigasso was very rude. I think Watson is my favourite. I very much enjoyed this and was glad that Sherlock and Watson solved the problem.”

Edward, age 9 (UK)

Sherlock Ferret and the Poisoned Pond Top

pondfrontWhen Mrs. Fieldmouse visits Sherlock Ferret and his friend Watson Mouse M.D. and tells them that her twelve children have all fallen sick, Sherlock has to find out what has been going on. Together with Doctor Solomon Sloth, he discovers the cause of their illness.
Then Lestrade, a rhinoceros friend (though not a very big one) tells him of mysterious doings at the pond. Sherlock and Watsaon meet large nefarious beasts, and the scurrilous Moriarty Magpie.
Hermie, the caterpillar with a surprising trick, ancd two more of Sherlock’s friends, Beatrice and Benedict, help to solve the mystery and make the poisoned pond safe again.

 “I like the way the story begins with Sherlock Ferret getting the message that the field mice got sick. The part I love the most is when the capybaras begged for food from Sherlock and Watson. I like animals a lot. It made the story fun and easy to read. I recommend this book for anyone.”

Wesley, age 10 (Canada)


Sherlock Ferret and the Phantom Photographer Top


Sherlock Ferret’s well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse M.D. tells the story of how Mr. Montague Mole shows photographs of his family, but he has no idea who has taken them! Could it be a phantom photographer?
As so often, the nefarious Moriarty Magpie appears to be involved, along with the mysterious Sir Basil Badger, who vanished several years before, after eating twenty-seven jam tarts (and lots of other delicious things!). But thanks to Sherlock Ferret’s knowledge, his Big Books, and the Bakery Irregulars, all is put right in the end, and the Mole family can sleep safely all day (for the night is their busy time).

“I thought this book was amazing! There was a lot of suspense, action and dialogue. I love the part where the mystery was solved and the treasure was saved! My favorite character was Sherlock Ferret. My mom says this book is perfect for my age.”

Nathan, age 8 1/2 (USA)

Audiobook of the Phantom Photographer

If you know children aged between 7 and 11 (or thereabouts) who would enjoy having a detective story read to them, why not give Sherlock Ferret and the Phantom Photographer a try? The world’s cutest detective takes on a case at the request of his client, Mr. Montague Mole, helped by his friend Watson Mouse M.D., and their friend Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (though not a very big one).

Here’s a little extract:

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To buy the whole book (a little over an hour long, 92MB – payment of £8 £1.50 by credit card or PayPal):

The Adventures of Sherlock Ferret Top


Sherlock Ferret, the world’s cutest detective, solves mysteries with the help of his friend Watson Mouse, and their friend Lestrade, who is a rhinoceros (though not a very big one). Together, they take on such nefarious characters as Moriarty Magpie, Colonel Sebastian Moorhen, Pablo Pigasso (yes, that Pigasso!), some scurrilous beasts from South America, and a mysterious photographer who is annoying Mr. Montague Mole.

The adventures in this book are:

  • The Missing Necklace
  • The Multiplying Masterpieces
  • The Poisoned Pond
  • The Phantom Photographer

with a bonus story of Vinnie the Visitor, based on the adventures of Andy’s beloved pet ferret, Vinnie.

“Brilliant, didn’t know what would happen next, kept you in suspense until the end!”

Phoebe, age 10 (UK)