Avoiding the piranhas

Because piranhas live in the Amazon.

I’m looking for a way to sell more directly to you, my readers, and I think I’ve found the way to do it. If you have £1.41 to spend (this is the same price as Amazon), you may care to try my Tales of Old Japanese.

You can now buy an EPUB version of the book for iBooks, Kobo, etc. or a MOBI for Kindle, securely and promptly, directly from this page.

(if you’re not sure how to “sideload” a file to your reader, here’s how)

Tales-of-Old-Japanese-GenericThe book

Anyway, Tales of Old Japanese is five stories about the older generation in Japan, based on the people and places I knew when I lived there.

“Keiko’s House” is a very personal story, involving my in-laws’ house, in which I lived for six years, and the other four stories all have their roots in the foibles and the quirks of the wonderful older Japanese people I came to know as friends.

It’s had great reviews, and it’s the closest thing to literature that I have published yet. A little more about it here. If you have any interest at all in Japan, I think you’ll enjoy these little vignettes.

EPUB version (iBooks, Kobo, etc.):


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Payment is by PayPal, and the fulfilment is by a company called SendOwl.

Hope you enjoy the book! And mind the piranhas!