A new function (and 25% discount)!

25% off all sales from this site…

You can buy copies of ebooks from this site – previously only using PayPal, which can sometimes be a pain to deal with.

I have now added Stripe as a card gateway, meaning that if you want to pay for your books with credit cards, you can do so – and if you use an iPhone or iPad, or a Mac and an iPhone, you can use Apple Pay.

When you pay, you are taken to a download page allowing you to download the file directly, and an email is sent to your address with a unique code, allowing you to download the file (EPUB or MOBI). You can then load into your software and/or reading device (sorry, Amazon doesn’t allow direct downloading into a Kindle. See the instructions in the sidebar for how to get the MOBI file into a Kindle reader.

Go to any of the book pages, and use the code STRIPE19 at checkout to get 25% off until 18 March 2019 (even if you pay with PayPal).

Sherlock Holmes adventures are here, here, and here. Thrillers are here, alternative history here, historical science fiction here, and others, including my acclaimed Tales of Old Japanese, are here. Enjoy.