Carnacki the Ghost-Finder

William Hope-Hodgson created the character of Thomas Carnacki, who investigated possible supernatural hauntings and the like in a series of adventures – all too few, given the author’s skill in producing atmospheres of horror and mystery, together with rational explanations of some of the phenomena.

The stories are somewhat formulaic in their structure (but not their content) and Hope-Hodgson has a somewhat distinctive voice, that I am trying to emulate in the pastiche I am currently writing. It’s going forward at a tremendous pace, and I am enjoying myself thoroughly.

“As I mentioned over dinner, I have just come,” Carnacki told us, over the brandy that formed the customary sequel to an excellent dinner at Cheyne Walk, “from a case that promised great things, and I confess that at the start I had entertained hopes of solving once and for all the matter of the missing Heptatrych of Laskaria, which would shed light on so many of the mysteries that have eluded us to this date. I may as well tell you fellows at the start that I regard it as one of my most spectacular failures, and one which will haunt me till the end of my days.” He settled himself into the armchair by the fire, lit his pipe, and we took our customary places, eager to hear of his latest adventure.