Captain Puffin Comes To Tilling

Reading at the Gathering

A very short tale of Tilling

If you’ve ever wondered how Captain Puffin first came to live in Tilling, and how he came to be friends (of a kind) with Major Benjy, now’s your chance to find out.

Written for the 2021 Gathering of the Friends of Tilling, this short story is now available to all – but only from here and only as a very slim paperback booklet – there is no ebook edition.

Price, including postage, is £3.45 to the UK, £4.45 to Europe, and £5.45 anywhere else. I wish I could it make it cheaper, but I don’t set the postage rates.

UK sales (£3.45)

European sales (£4.45)

Rest of world sales (£5.45)

(payment by card or PayPal)

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