50% off Alternative History

For the next week (until 24th May) 50% off the ebook editions of my two Finch-Malloy novels: Beneath Gray Skies and Red Wheels Turning, if you buy them (PayPal or credit/debit card) from this site.

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Beneath-Gray-Skies-GenericIn Beneath Gray Skies, the American Civil War was not fought, and the South seceded peacefully.  Follow the adventures of Brian Finch-Malloy, a “1920s James Bond” as he seeks to prevent an alliance between Confederate President Jefferson Davis III and the newly-formed NSDAP of Germany.

Red-Wheels-Turning-GenericThe prequel, Red Wheels Turning, follows Finch-Malloy as he seeks to prevent Lenin’s Bolsheviks from getting their hands on the new super-weapons developed by the Imperial Russian government in 1917.